Celergen's Exclusive
BIODNA Cellular Marine Complex

With the overwhelming success of Celergen's Advanced Swiss Marine Cell Therapy Supplement, Celergen Serum Royale also incorporates the powerful and effective BIODNA Cellular Marine Complex. This marine complex is extracted using proprietary biological DNA extraction technology which prevents the depolymerization of the active ingredients, ensuring the effectiveness of the product.


The anti-oxidant properties of the BIODNA Cellular Marine Complex nourishes and enriches our complexion, keeping it illuminated, hydrated and glowing.



Peptide E Collagen

This highly concentrated precious serum contains the exclusive Peptide E Collagen which offers the secret of cellular longevity for the most demanding skin. Day after day, your skin regains its strength, the shape of your face is gradually redefined, wrinkles and fine lines are smoothened. For even greater effectiveness, this Peptide E Collagen is specially designed to work in synergy with the BIODNA Cellular Marine Complex.